Posted by: LRWagnon | December 30, 2011

New Year, New Interior

Fashion isn’t reserved for the wardrobe – the home is an idyllic palette for personalized design and style too. Home owners can move in to the new year with a fresh look within the walls of their favorite Smith Mountain Lake getaway – be it their own property, vacation home, or vacation rental. The early part of 2012 is a great time to revamp, redecorate, and re-envision the look and use of your SML house, townhouse or apartment.

Just as clothing fashion trends change with each year, home interior fashion has its annual trends. Minor interior updates – such as a new wall color, wall hanging, decor pillows or rug – keep your home feeling fresh and modern, without altering the character you love about it.

Perhaps the easiest way to update a room or several rooms is with a color switch. Trading an old color scheme for a trendy combination is a fun way to spruce up its look. According to HGTV, the interior color choice for 2012 is Tangering Tango. This pop of bright, yet warm, color is an instant mood elevator. Have a blast making your home trendy for the new year!


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